by Mike_Wr | Last updated Nov 27, 2017.

I love a good list.

    Here’s a list of things I try to keep to myself:

  • “I thought you were pregnant.”
  • “Why did you get a job in customer service if you don’t like people?”
  • “(To a married person) How was that not a deal breaker for you?”
  • “And I’d believe you if you were someone else.”
  • “Most likely comfort eat, masturbate and go to sleep.”
  • “I feel a little bit of life drain from me whenever you start talking.”
  • “You’re wrong, but you seem passionate about it, so let’s see what happens.”
  • “All the people you’ve had in your life until this point are ass holes for letting you get away with being this kind of person.”
  • “Because you’re white.”
  • “Because you’re black.”
  • “Your anger toward a stranger implies that you hate your life at this moment.”
  • “Because of your ego, you’ll miss a lot of important lessons.”
  • “I’ve been thinking how much time has passed since I ate something, so I can seem more comfortable in this conversation.”
  • “I switched off when I realized you were speaking to me and not with me.”
  • “You’ve used two words incorrectly, but continue.”
  • “I don’t know if I’m as smart a person as I believe. I miss some easy life test questions.”
  • “You don’t realize that I already answered your question, do you?”
  • “Why didn’t we meet before I got married?”
  • “But if you are so happy, why so much effort proving it?”
  • “I don’t care about a lot of things going on with other people. I just don’t have the room in my mind, because I think in circles about my own problems.”
  • “I farted a little bit over there. I’m gonna go again right here, then walk away after 10-15 seconds.”
  • “No thanks – there’s probably something I want to watch on firestick.”
  • “Don’t make it a personal thing; your disposition seems volatile.”
  • “WOW, she’s your mom?!”
  • “I’m capable of ignoring a lot of hints – like a real lot.”
  • “I’m going to come off as a bad father, because I believe the lessons we learn on our own stick the best.”
  • “We invented religion. How else could there be so many?…I still favor my own.”
  • “If I could go back in time, I’d still be blinded by infatuation.”
  • “That probably wouldn’t be as funny if you weren’t as high ranking.”
  • Grown up is a relative term.”
  • “Most of the things I tell myself that I don’t understand are just denial. #Ibeknowing”
  • “You shouldn’t have pets.”
  • “Why don’t we drink human milk if any at all?”
  • “I laughed at that meme hours ago, but yeah.”




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