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by Mike_Wr | Last updated Dec 10, 2017.

If I Was In An R&B Group in the 90s

I switched on Pandora® before getting ready for work, and I Like The Way came on – a song from the early 90s by five gentlemen calling themselves Hi‑Five. I thought to myself in the shower “Damn, Hi-Five was a great name for an R&B group!”

Naturally, I started thinking of names I would’ve given my team if we made an R&B group back in the Golden Age of Rythm and Blues (and great time to be alive in general.)

I spent my teenage years in the 90s.

Here’s 21 names we might have called our R&B group:

  1. Easy Breeze
  2. Streetlight Tunez
  3. Before 9 Tho (“B4-9” for short)
  4. Checkers
  5. Summer Break
  6. Birthday Party
  7. My Parents Handle My Finances
  8. After School
  9. Ring Once, Hang Up (ROHU)
  10. Infinity x Infinity (or “∞ x ∞” or “8 times 8” because most people won’t recognize the symbol, and that’s ok because I don’t judge here. I don’t judge anywhere really. It’s more satisfying for me to not be concerned with the life choices of others except when those choices impose on the choices of others, and even then I may not extend more than a brief shared outrage at the observation or an expressive emoji in the case of social media posts)
  11. Phone Voices
  12. We All Started in the Choir
  13. Young Backs
  14. Love & Social Studies
  15. The Radio Tapes
  16. Troop 449
  17. Love Allowance
  18. Back for Seconds
  19. Michael, Michel, Mike
  20. Final Period
  21. Seriously Before 9 (SB-9)

It would’ve been bumpin!*


*Bumpin: 90s adverb; describes something exciting or terrific; 90s equivalent of “lit”




If I Was in an R&B Group in the 90s (no audio)

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