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I live for the moments when I start a sentence with ‘I HAVE AN IDEA’, then I spaz.

My heart speeds up. My eyes widen. My palms get sweaty – mom’s spaghetti. JINX! I can’t get the smirk off my face. I forget about anything else happening around me. I need to stand and probably pace. I kill the music. I walk out of the room. I’ll ask someone during a conversation to give me a minute so I can nerd-out. I let the current flow into notes or scribbling or sketches.

I started recording ideas in September 2015. I started by using iPhone’s Notes app. The top line/title is Inventions.

I started out with the numbering the ideas then giving a name and purpose. The ideas range from his & her toilet glowing toilet seat latches (12 lines) to a fitness rewards program to save money on meals in participating restaurants (78 lines). There’s no category they can all be lumped into except for Things I Haven’t Seen Thought of Yet. There are 85 of them as of the time of my writing this(6 Nov 2016 @ 2023). If someone triggers the idea or adds something awesome to one, I write their name(s) down too.

The one I want to work on the most is an app. That’s all you get for information on it. I want to make sure it remains mine. I’m currently learning MySQL because I think database managing will be the toughest part for me.

The one I could probably use the most immediately is the dry erase marker that can write on bathroom tile and shower curtain liners for when you have ideas or poetry or just a need to write something in the shower. I hear it out loud and think it’s terrible, but I really, really believe it’s genius. I’d thought about buying a water proof Bluetooth speaker then using the mic to dictate to my phone, but I scrapped that idea because I really believe the sound quality of such a speaker would be worse than the Harmon Kardon computer speakers I point towards my shower when I listen to music.

I’m obsessed with the idea of getting multiple uses out of other people’s inventions. It would be rare to find something in my house that performs only one tasks with the exception of garbage cans.

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?.

It’s really hard to argue with the logic that the value in a bad idea could be that it serves as the jump off to a much better idea…I am, by the way. I am very dispensable in military career. I have no more desire to be fantastic at assembly line work than a cat wants to be a dog.

I go through phases of favorite people and favorite ideas. Like right now, my favorite person is my daughter. My favorite idea is this website. A buddy of mine gave me a nudge, and I didn’t even write it in the list of ideas. I found out how to run with it and jumped.

This site is like my jokes: it’s for my entertainment, but I’m good with someone else getting a rise too. Check out my first post Just Jump where I discuss almost bailing on this project.

There will be posts about my ideas as they come to life.





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