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Welcome to the Glossary
Here is a list of words and terms I use that may or may not already exist

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Blind Hate also Blind Hatred
/noun/ a strong, baseless disdain; an expressed hatred held without reason or cause
acronym for Base On Your Beliefs; safe way to make no assumptions about a reader’s spirituality
/adjective/ expressing anguish or disappointment that is perceived by others as disingenuous or lame
Celebrity Worship
/noun/ deification of a famous person, especially when a personal relationship does not exist
/verb/ to defend or accept a belief that one once ridiculed
/verb/ dominating a conversation by waiting for your turn to jump in or speak while showing little regard for input from another participant in the conversation; also giving little opportunity for others to speak during a conversation
/noun/ the broadcasting of news in a medium that triggers anxiety, apprehension, or phobic response
Healthy Communication
/noun/ the successful exchange or sharing of ideas or information between sender and reciever(s) where all parties understand the information communicated

Law of Legitimacy
/noun/ states that that which seems legit must be legit; the rationale whereby a person accepts information at face value i.e. it seems that way so it must be that way; sarcastically similarly to Dr Mark Suchman’s Legitimacy Theory that states “Legitimacy is a generalized perception or assumption that the actions of an entity are desirable, proper, or appropriate within some socially constructed system of norms, values, beliefs, and definitions.” Suchman, M. (1995). Managing legitimacy: Strategic and institutional approaches. Academy of Management Review, Vol 20, No. 3, 57l–610.
/verb/ to spaz out over an issue, event, or idea often at the expense of a disinterested audience
/noun/ fallacious perception of having been harmed by another; display of behavior consistent with symptoms of butt-hurt except that victim has no direct connection to source
/noun/ also known as millennial, person that became an adult near 2000 A.D.; characterized by desire for independent achievement through peer validation, popularity, or support
Temperament Sensitivity
/noun/ a high awareness or aptitude of the nature of others; in preconceived behavior
Temperament Tolerance
/noun/ the skill to navigate the temperaments of others; the display of patience when faced with one or more personality conflicts
Turning Up Point
/noun/ a climax in one’s life that produces a significant gain or fantastic outcome i.e. high rise in stocks, lottery win, dream job offer, etc; the observance of such an event
Word of Click
/noun/ the condition where a product, invention, idea, through electronic medium, is pertually propelled by its own popularity i.e. shares, likes, views, etc; when a for sale product goes viral

When I want to write things, my threshold for finding a definition for something is probably 90 seconds of searching and less when I’ve asked someone verbally, because I want to record thoughts as soon as possible to make more room up there. I’ll go as far as making something up to keep the boat floating. Plus all words are made up anyway. #plusthat
I will link to where the word or term is used on the site. If there is no link, there is probably something in draft.
I love learning, so if you know a better term or something close, tell me.