Mike_Wr | Jul 24, 2017

If I Was in an R&B Group in the 90s (no audio)

Chuckles | Lists of Things

Hearing a classic 90s R&B song by High-5, I started thinking about band names and what I might have called my RnB group back in my teens.

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Mike_Wr | Feb 20, 2017

Things You Don’t Say Out Loud (No Audio)

Chuckles | Lists of Things

Here’s a list of things I try to keep to myself

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Mike_Wr | Dec 5, 2016

36 Things I’m Old Enough to Remember (no audio)

Chuckles | Lists of Things

For my 36th birthday, here’s 36 things I’m old enough to remember.

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Mike_Wr | Nov 28, 2016

If I Was In A Band

Chuckles | Lists of Things | Narrated

I own a harmonica. I’ll probably, definitely probably start a band

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