Michael Wright is a writer, orator, and inventor who loves to learn and dislikes speaking about himself in third person…

I am an ideasman, a solutionist, a problem solver.

I am an Air Force IT guy. My entire adult life has been in the military. I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in 5 countries and visit 15 others (I don’t count it as visited if I didn’t use the bathroom there).

I work best with loud music. My favorite genre is “All of It”. My musical tastes change like the weather. “I’m better with hand stuff than brain stuff,” is something I really say about myself. I also make jokes and say that 88% of the things that come out my mouth are not to be taken seriously. It’s ok if someone doesn’t get the jokes, because there will be another one in a few minutes.

I’m obsessed with understanding things. I read. I ask questions. I challenge perceptions and invite others to defend their positions. These things don’t go super awesome in the military. I mean they don’t go “well” or “awesomely” (need an adverb there)…sorry about that. Proper grammar is important to me…Poor grammar isn’t a sign of low intelligence; it just appears that way.

I have a passion for languages and cultures. I have formally studied Spanish, Korean, and German. Currently, I’m teaching myself American Sign Language (because not conjugating verbs is freakin’ awesome).

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I’m the oldest of three siblings – a sister and brother. I have one unsuccessful marriage that’s given me two mini’s, who are currently nailing childhood – a boy and a girl.

I love art – all of the art. I have a deep appreciation for the ways human beings have come up with to express themselves.

I’m never 100% sure that I put on deodorant unless it’s the moment I’m replacing the cap to the deodorant. I check. I figure it’s better to be caught looking at your armpit than to be foul under there.

One of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever received was a book with empty pages given to me by a cousin after high school graduation. I began to use writing to capture new feelings, experiences, and romances. I’ve been writing ever since.

Writing has evolved for me into something therapeutic and fulfilling.

The Why page explains my purpose for this site.


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